Malting barley growers who supply Boortmalt will be paid a harvest price based on the average of the Free-On-Board (FOB) Creil Planet price.

This price is not available to view freely to the public like other prices - the market is smaller.

The price at close of business every Wednesday from the middle of April to the middle of September is taken to calculate an average price for the season.

There may or may not have been trading that day or even that week.

This year, the price has peaked at €282/t and hit a low of €248/t last week. The previous low was in the first week of the averaging process at €257/t on 11 April. We are now 11 weeks into the averaging process.

The average currently stands at €266.27/t. However, this price is subject to a €10/t drying and logistics charge by Boortmalt, so the current average price to the farmer is €256.27/t for brewing barley.

If a farmer’s barley qualifies for distilling, which has a lower protein content, then a €10/t bonus will be paid, which brings the price back up to €266.27/t.


Figure 1 shows hos the pricing has changed in that time period.

It should be noted that farmers now supply grain merchants, who then supply that grain to Boortmalt.

Grain will be tested to meet Boortmalt quality specifications. The grain merchant now pays the farmer and some merchants' final price may differ to the one listed by Boortmalt.

For example, some fixed prices were announced for Boortmalt barley this season. These prices were €270/t and €240/t. However, some merchants offered higher prices than those listed.

Farmers could sell up to 20% of their contracted barley at each offer and there is no €10/t charge from this price.

If a farmer did not fix the price for any of their contracted barley, then they will be paid the harvest price. If they fixed the price of 40% of their barley, then they will be paid the harvest price on 60% of their barley.