Dairy farming

The latest dairy farming news and dairy prices from the Irish Farmers Journal. Keep up to date with all farming and production news developments in the dairy farming sector.

Dairy Management: late calving cows, flexible milking and protected urea
Aidan Brennan looks at the merits of milking just 13 times in the week, and examines the impact of once a day milking from now on.
Dairy Management: poor thrive in dairy replacements
Aidan Brennan looks through some of the causes for poor performance in dairy replacement calves this summer.
Dairy Trends: GDT holds steady but powders drop
There is increased pressure on milk powders, as plenty of supply and low demand means prices are falling.
Dairy Trends: no contagion effect from poor GDT
The effect of the big reduction in the last GDT auction seems to be confined to that auction, writes Aidan Brennan.
Raining again on St Swithin’s day
It's heat rather than rain that is needed to drive growth at the moment, writes Thomas Condon.
Building up fodder stocks in Laois
The wet weather didn’t deter 200 farmers and industry representatives from attending the Irish Grassland Association summer dairy tour to Laois last week.
Dondale hosts 2024 IHFA open day
Adam Woods reports from the IHFA national open day held on the Dondale Farm in Co Kildare last week.
Breakeven beef price of €5.54/kg in Ballyvadin
Adam Woods reports from last week’s open day on the Tipperary dairy-beef demonstration farm in Ballyvadin
Breeding plan and performance in focus at open day
Adam Woods previews what will be on display in terms of breeding and animal performance at next week’s suckler and sheep open day on Tullamore Farm.
Lambs weaned and second batch drafted for slaughter
Despite the weather challenges, lambs recorded a positive weaning weight of 37.66kg, having gained an average of 300g per day from birth to weaning.
Clover scoring on Limerick and Tipperary Footprint farms
Kelsey Daly writes that in early July, the Irish Farmer Journal visited Footprint farmers Barry Powell and Martin Crowe to conduct clover scoring across paddocks on their dairy farm.
Combines get to work in broken weather
This week, Conor Kehoe talks to farmers in Tipperary, Down, and Westmeath as combines get to work across the country.
Farming for Water EIP in the Castleisland catchment
Kerry Agribusiness is the first milk processor to implement the Farming for Water European Innovation Partnership project. This ambitious project aims to support farmers to protect water quality.
Bridging skills gaps in agriculture: the role of micro-credentials
The agriculture and food sectors are rapidly transforming, driven by challenges and technological advancements.
Balancing sustainability and profitability on your farm
One Health initiatives such as antimicrobial reduction and the banning of high levels of zinc oxide in feed have resulted in additional challenges to farmers.
Doxstar Pro: denying docks a second chance before first-cut silage
Docks can create serious problems in grassland, negatively affecting productivity.
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