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Gardening with Mary: peak season for plant fairs
Keen gardeners can never get enough of hunting out some gems at plant fairs and there are lots of gaps to be filled due to months of water-logged soil, writes Mary Keenan.
17 April 2024 Fashion
Bring on the sunshine style
Planning a much-needed break in the sun? Claire Murrihy picks eight items to help you pack, plan and craft your vacation outfit.
17 April 2024 Health
Postnatal anxiety: don’t let it undermine your joy
Postnatal anxiety can shrink your world, so it’s important to seek help early. Counsellor Irene Lowry has advice for new mums, writes Margaret Hawkins.
Motherhood: ‘the fourth trimester can be lonely’
Becoming a mother is a huge transition in any woman’s life but those early days can also be lonely. So, how do you find your tribe to support you through the ‘fourth trimester’? asks Maria Moynihan.
17 April 2024 Features
Shortt stories
National treasure, comedian and actor, Pat Shortt turns it into a family affair, taking to the road with his daughter Faye and returning to the stage that started it all, writes Sarah McIntosh.
17 April 2024 Features
Meet the Maker: Molly Ellis
In this week’s Meet the Maker, Grace Hanna chats to The Wild Felter Molly Ellis about all thing’s wildlife, felt and nature.
17 April 2024 Craft
Health special: screening tests that could save your life
Screening tests can catch a health condition even before it starts causing symptoms. Here are the top preventive measures for women, writes Margaret Hawkins.
11 April 2024 Health
A Week In The Country
Find out what caught the eye of the Irish Country Living team this week.
10 April 2024 Craft
Desperate Farmwife: the time has come to fly the coop
For years, our Desperate Farmwife stayed home with smallies while her husband saw the world. Now, it's her turn.
10 April 2024 Features
Gardening with Gerry: striking Sycamore
People are often surprised to learn that the sycamore is not a native tree, and yet it has found its home in many large gardens in the countyside, writes Gerry Daly
10 April 2024 Gardening
Health special: 10 tips to keep your health in check
Being proactive about looking after your health can prevent a lot of problems down the line, so it pays to be healthcare savvy with these ten tips, writes Margaret Hawkins.
10 April 2024 Health
Giving the gift of life to her father – Wexford woman’s living kidney donation
Trish Boyce from Co Wexford donated a kidney to her father, dialysis patient John Boyce, in December 2022. Fifteen months on, ‘Team Boyce’ is doing well, writes Margaret Hawkins.
10 April 2024 Health