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Restructuring costs push Lakeland to loss in difficult year
Lorcan Roche Kelly
Cross-border dairy processor said that post-tax €8m loss was driven by exceptional items.
John Deere reports 11% net income drop for first quarter
John Deere has reported a net income of $1.751bn for the first quarter of its financial year 2024, a 11% decline on the same period during 2023, Gary Abbott reports.
Claas grows machinery sales by 25% in 12-month period
The Claas group has reported a massive 24.7% year on year jump in sales, with net sales for the past 12-months totalling €6.1bn.
Is the battle for milk about to kick off?
With milk supply crashing in Ireland and further afield, the answers to the greening questions are getting or are about to get more difficult.
EU considers derogation for farmers to spread digestate
A public consultation has been launched on amending the nitrates directive to allow this.
CAP budget needs to be revisited to pay farmers 'properly' - Seán Kelly MEP
The EPP held a conference on the future of European agriculture in Carlow on Friday.
'Full resources of the State' needed to secure derogation, says IFA
Ireland will be the only country seeking an extension on the nitrates derogation beyond 2026 and IFA president Francie Gorman has said the Government must defend this.
Increased concern in EU about extreme weather events, says new survey
The survey results highlighted a number of potential factors stakeholders across the bloc think could affect food security.
Upgrading barley yields with a new fungicide solution
Due to relentless wet weather, the spring of 2024 has proven to be an extremely testing time for growers.
Pump up your crops with VIXERAN®
VIXERAN®, a proven bacteria-based biofertiliser by Syngenta Biologicals, allows your crop to fix nitrogen (N) directly from the atmosphere. This improves nitrogen use efficiency on your farm.
There’s a future for palm oil in the dairy supply chain
If not palm, then what? Understanding the complex story of sustainable palm and the vital role it plays in supporting global conservation efforts, local economies and the dairy supply chain.
'Everything is connected': protecting future generations with farming techniques
Rising temperatures, endless droughts and devastating floods – an unrelenting cycle of extreme weather is pushing communities in Malawi into deadly hunger.
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