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Kerry Co-op still looking for a strategy ahead of April 2026 contract expiration
Lorcan Roche Kelly
Work on developing new plans for co-op’s future are not progressing as fast as expected
John Deere reports 11% net income drop for first quarter
John Deere has reported a net income of $1.751bn for the first quarter of its financial year 2024, a 11% decline on the same period during 2023, Gary Abbott reports.
Grain Trends: markets jump with weather news
Grain prices jumped this week, as concerns over weather and crop yields hit markets. Siobhán Walsh reports from the US this week.
Is the battle for milk about to kick off?
With milk supply crashing in Ireland and further afield, the answers to the greening questions are getting or are about to get more difficult.
Colm McCarthy: practical measures needed to turn targets into policy
Targets in conflict are a recipe for delay and cost escalation. The latest domain for this habit of political evasion is defence policy.
Commission gives €62m to farmers affected by hail and frost
The European Commission has allocated €10m to Austria, €15m to Czechia and €37m to Poland from the agricultural reserve.
New UK government pressed on farm budget
Following Labour’s election win last week, the party’s spokespeople for environment and agriculture were appointed as ministers in the new government.
Phil Hogan receives honorary doctorate in political science from UCD
One of the lessons Hogan said he had learned from his political career was pride of place.
Farming for Water EIP in the Castleisland catchment
Kerry Agribusiness is the first milk processor to implement the Farming for Water European Innovation Partnership project. This ambitious project aims to support farmers to protect water quality.
Bridging skills gaps in agriculture: the role of micro-credentials
The agriculture and food sectors are rapidly transforming, driven by challenges and technological advancements.
Balancing sustainability and profitability on your farm
One Health initiatives such as antimicrobial reduction and the banning of high levels of zinc oxide in feed have resulted in additional challenges to farmers.
Doxstar Pro: denying docks a second chance before first-cut silage
Docks can create serious problems in grassland, negatively affecting productivity.
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