Specialist content for beef farmers with live updates from Tullamore Farm, an Irish Farmers Journal mixed grazing demonstration farm.

Tullamore Farm suckler and sheep open day launched
Adam Woods
Adam Woods previews the upcoming suckler and sheep open day taking place on Tullamore farm on Tuesday 23 July 2024
29 May 2024 Tullamore Farm
New technologies helping breeding on Tullamore Farm
Breeding is progressing nicely on Tullamore Farm, with cows put forward for breeding.
29 May 2024 Breeding & health
Halfway point reached in breeding for Tullamore Farm
There have been just over four weeks of breeding completed on Tullamore Farm, with the first 30 heifers bred having been scanned this week.
Tullamore Farm update: collars simplifying heat detection
The recently installed heat and health detection collars on Tullamore Farm have started to make breeding much easier on the farm.
10 May 2024 Tullamore Farm
Changes to breeding plan on Tullamore Farm
Adam Woods takes a look at some of the changes being implemented on Tullamore farm for the 2024 breeding season.
8 May 2024 Breeding & health
Breeding kicks off in Tullamore Farm
Breeding has begun on the beef suckler herd in Tullamore, while lambs receive their first run through the handling unit.
26 April 2024 Tullamore Farm
Turnout two months behind on Tullamore Farm
Adam Woods has the latest from Tullamore Farm, the Irish Farmers Journal beef and sheep demonstration farm in Co Offaly.
19 April 2024 Breeding & health
Tullamore Farm update: calving, lambing and selling bulls
Inclement weather is making life on Tullamore Farm busier in a week when calving is progressing nicely, lambing is ramping up and 11 yearling bulls were sold in Roscrea Mart.
15 March 2024 Tullamore Farm
Tullamore Farm: lambing kicks off with cows and calves turned to grass
The Tullamore Farm ewe flock has kicked off with lambing for 2024, while the dry spell has allowed for Shaun Diver to get some cows and calves to turn out some more cattle.
8 March 2024 Tullamore Farm
Keeping calves healthy on Tullamore Farm
Adam Woods take a look at what Tullamore Farm manager Shaun Diver is doing to keep calves healthy.
28 February 2024 Animal Health
Decisions to be made for Tullamore bulls
Adam Woods takes a look at the economics of finishing this year’s crop of bulls on Tullamore Farm and whether to sell or feed on.
14 February 2024 Markets
Countdown to calving on Tullamore Farm
Adam Woods checks in with Tullamore Farm manager Shaun Diver as calving is about to kick off next week.
17 January 2024 Management