Watch: harvest 2024 kicks off in Cork
Rachel Donovan
More harvesting is expected over the weekend as Met Éireann forecasts highs of 20°C and dry conditions.
11 July 2024 News
Tillage Podcast: varieties, trials and cereal breeders
We report from the Irish Seed Trade Association open day this week. We chat to a trials manager and talk to a cereal breeder from Europe.
10 July 2024 News
Farmers to sell stock due to fodder shortages
The target for feed on hand after first-cut is 70% for dairy farms and 77% for drystock farms.
Farmers advised to fodder budget as 30% report fodder shortages
The target for feed on hand after first cut is 70% for dairy farms and 77% for drystock farms.
9 July 2024 News
Number of straw bales to fall by 250,000
The decline in cereal area in 2024 could see a quarter of a million bales exit the straw market this year.
3 July 2024 News
Tillage Management: glyphosate rules, oilseed rape and harvest
Harvest is almost upon many tillage farmers. Weather into next week looks showery for cutting early ripening crops of winter barley.
3 July 2024 Husbandry
My Farming Week: Norman Dunne, Owenstown, Maynooth, Co Kildare
Norman Dunne and his father Michael used to operate a conventional tillage system, before moving to direct drilling in recent years.
3 July 2024 Feature
Grain Trends: prices remain negative
Grain prices did not show any signs of improvement this week, with no news to lift them. This was reflected in prices here.
26 June 2024 Markets
July price freeze for livestock rations
Local feed mills indicate prices for livestock rations will hold steady for July.
26 June 2024 Northern Ireland
Boortmalt malting barley price - where it stands now
Those supplying malting barley which is eventually sold to Boortmalt follow an averaging system to calculate the harvest price.
25 June 2024 News
Cereals down by 10,000ha
Crop area has declined this season by about 6,600ha. Cereals have taken a big drop of 10,000ha in 2024.
19 June 2024 News
Grain Trends: markets flop as barley goes to €180/t
Grain markets did not bring any good news for farmers this week, as prices fell across grains and oilseed markets.
19 June 2024 Markets