Tillage Podcast: trials, downpours and nice crops on Cork farm
Siobhán Walsh
We report from the Goldcrop open day in Shangarry, Co Cork, on this week’s show, speaking to John Dunne and Donal Fitzgerald.
19 June 2024 Markets
Grain Trends: markets flop as barley goes to €180/t
Grain markets did not bring any good news for farmers this week, as prices fell across grains and oilseed markets.
13 June 2024 News
Tillage podcast: barley in Laois and soybeans in Springfield
On this week’s show we chat to US farmer Evan Leeper who is taking part in a regenerative agriculture programme in the US.
Grain trends: wheat drops and recovers, is high gone for now?
Grain markets are moving up and down a lot at the minute. This week the overall trend was down.
12 June 2024 Markets
Grain Trends: slight decline in wheat this week
There was a slight decline in wheat prices this week, while oilseed rape prices fell significantly on the French market.
5 June 2024 Markets
Grain Trends: markets up again as differences appear
Grain markets were on the up again this week, but there were a difference in prices being offered at home.
29 May 2024 Markets
Tillage Podcast: walking crops from Ardee to Illinois
This week’s Tillage Podcast comes to you from the US and has a detailed update on crops in Co Louth.
23 May 2024 News
Grain Trends: markets jump with weather news
Grain prices jumped this week, as concerns over weather and crop yields hit markets. Siobhán Walsh reports from the US this week.
22 May 2024 Markets
Tillage Podcast: walking crops in sunny Waterford
On this week’s show, we chat to a Waterford farmer and have a report on crops across the country from agronomists.
16 May 2024 News
Grain Trends: prices soaring in recent weeks
Grain markets are looking positive at present. Weather is affecting markets, as crop conditions come into focus.
15 May 2024 Markets
Grain prices strengthen as planting continues
Grain prices have been increasing in recent weeks, but took significant jumps in recent days.
8 May 2024 News
Grain Trends: upward price trend continues
Grain markets are currently on an upward trend, as weather affects crops around the world.
8 May 2024 Markets