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Neven Maguire: the ultimate breakfast club
Neven Maguire
It’s the most important meal of the day – so why not make it a bit more special, writes Neven Maguire.
22 May 2024 News
From soil to seed: is rapeseed the Irish equivalent to extra virgin olive oil?
As GPs and dieticians encourage the consumption of more "good fats" in our diet, Irish rapeseed oil is rankly highly, writes Janine Kennedy.
15 May 2024 Neven
Neven Maguire: taco ’bout tasty dishes
Get ready to explore flavour-filled and easy to prepare dinners, as we dive into the world of tacos and stir fries, writes Neven Maguire.
Our daily bread: should Ireland grow more grain for human consumption?
With overall tillage area declining and changing weather patterns affecting crops, many believe we should be focusing on becoming self-sufficient in producing milling grain, writes Janine Kennedy.
15 May 2024 News
Neven Maguire: al fresco fusion feasts
Let’s manifest some gorgeous summer weather with these tasty sweet and savoury recipes, writes Neven Maguire.
8 May 2024 Neven
Entertaining at home: all the flavours of the med
Bright, vibrant flavours give a summer feel to these Mediterranean-inspired dishes, writes Neven Maguire.
1 May 2024 Neven
40 years of Irish farmhouse cheese celebrated at 2024 Irish Cheese Awards
The 2024 Irish Cheese Awards celebrated how far the Irish farmhouse cheese industry has come; highlighting innovative entrants alongside original trailblazers, writes Janine Kennedy.
1 May 2024 News
Can the foods we eat help ease the pain of osteoarthritis?
Nessa Robins looks at ways to ease the pain of osteoarthritis through the foods we eat.
24 April 2024 Recipes
Neven Maguire: quick and easy weeknight wonders
These two recipes are full of interesting ingredients and flavours, but come together easily enough for a weeknight dinner, writes Neven Maguire.
24 April 2024 Neven
Spilling the tea with Maitre D'
The Maitre D' is back with more Irish food goss and goings-on around the country.
24 April 2024 News
Neven Maguire: catch of the day - with a twist
It doesn’t have to be the same old fish dinner, writes Neven Maguire. Try these quick and easy dishes for a more unique take on some old favourites.
17 April 2024 Neven
PGI Grass-Fed Beef: putting Irish beef on the European map
Obtaining protected geographical indication (PGI) status for grass-fed Irish beef was a whole-island collaboration. Janine Kennedy chats to some of the people behind the effort.
17 April 2024 News