Ground is wet and spring turnout will be a distant thought for many livestock farmers around the country, particularly in the northern and western regions.

But, over the next month, ground will hopefully start to dry out and allow farmers to start slipping a few lighter cattle out to grass.

Before then, weanlings and stores eating meal should have feed levels reduced before going out to grass, especially if animals are carrying plenty of flesh.

When fleshed cattle hit grass, the change in diet can lead to weight loss rather than weight gain for the first month.

In contrast, cattle in lean condition at turnout are much more likely to push on when they start grazing fresh grass.

Ideally, meal would be cut from the diet three to four weeks before turnout. But weather can change quickly in spring, so there is no way you can plan an exact turnout date.

The best option is to half meal rates from now until turnout. Meal can then be cut from the diet once cattle resume grazing.

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