A locally sourced and organic hot meal should be provided to every child in primary school, the Green Party has said.

In its local election manifesto 2024, the party said it would “ensure that every child in every primary school gets a hot meal every day, as locally sourced and organic as possible”.

A pledge was also made to help “local food growers and artisan producers to sell high-quality, sustainably produced food at affordable prices”.

The Greens also proposed that every council should have a sustainable food strategy that is appropriate for that locality.

Space in county development plans for community gardens and allotments was also listed as a priority for the party on food.

The Green Party said it would develop more greenways nationally, but ensure farmers are central to the “decision-making process” in the development of routes.

On planning permission, it was highlighted that housing should be built in “appropriate locations” that are near existing public transport links and town centres.

Nature restoration

The party dedicated a section of its manifesto to nature restoration.

Designating further land in this regard was suggested: “Consider a new mechanism at local level for designation of important sites for ecology to ensure biodiversity is protected and managed,” it said.

Retention and conservation of hedgerows was also prioritised, as well as protecting “threatened and diminished” biodiversity.

The party also said it would “commit to restoring native habitats, native forests, bogs and wetlands and to designate areas for rewilding”.

It added that all future developments approved by councils should have a “biodiversity net gain”.

A ban on local authority use of glyphosate is also a local election priority for the Greens, except in tackling Japanese knotweed.

On transport, the party said it would increase rural buses.