Food Vision Tillage report needs urgent funding
Actions identified in the report must implemented swiftly to prevent damage to the tillage sector.
22 May 2024 Community
Highlighting all Macra has to offer
The future of Macra will be safe in the hands of bright, enthusiastic young people, writes Josephine O’Neill.
22 May 2024 Features
Nature calls: taking a walk on the wild side
Ireland’s national Walks Scheme recently saw its biggest expansion to date; but valuing farmers’ contribution as custodians of the land has been key to its success, writes Maria Moynihan.
Open conversations needed to create change
Macra president Elaine Houlihan reflects on the past year as president.
15 May 2024 Community
‘Gamesmanship’ by beef factories must stop - IFA
Supplies of beef in the UK and EU are tight, contributing to beef prices in these destinations remaining steady and strong.
15 May 2024 Community
Macra faces a defining year
Unsustainable losses in 2023 mean Macra must rebound financially, and quickly.
15 May 2024 Dealer
Local and organic hot meal for every child in school - Green Party proposal
In its local election manifesto 2024, the Green Party said primary school children should get a meal that is as “locally sourced and organic as possible”.
14 May 2024 News
Over €160m for rural regeneration projects
Record funding of €164m has been announced for 30 regeneration projects, with an aim to revitalise town centres, stimulate the rural economy and attract people to live, work and visit rural areas.
13 May 2024 News
Making changes to positively affect our emissions
Macra is vehemently against any move that would make it more difficult for young farmers to enter the industry.
8 May 2024 Community
ICBF stakeholder meeting makes some progress on concerns raised
Various data sources were appraised at the meeting to identify the most suitable cows for this production system.
8 May 2024 Community
Detection dog to find invasive ferrets on Rathlin Island
Woody the detection dog has landed on Rathlin Island on a mission to sniff out ferrets, which have wreaked havoc on internationally important seabirds.
8 May 2024 News
The show will go on
Ray Brady, president of the Irish Shows Association, outlines a busy year ahead for the country's shows.