Kildare Chilling has increased its hogget quote for Friday 15 March by 20c/kg, with the plant now quoting a base price of €8.30/kg plus its 10c/kg quality assurance (QA) payment to 23kg carcase weight.

This comes on the back of the plant increasing its base quote by 10c/kg on Thursday and reflects the strong appetite in the market for slaughter-fit hoggets.

The increase in the quote will undoubtedly put pressure on other competing plants to follow suit.

It also brings prices more in line with prices being paid in the live ring and is a better enticement for producers weighing up decisions to send hoggets direct for slaughter or to show live.

Kildare Chilling is also quoting a base of €3.30/kg plus 10c/kg QA for cull ewes weighing from 35kg to 43kg and a base price of €3.10/kg plus 10c/kg QA for ewes delivering carcases weighing from 23kg to 35kg.

Lighter ewes and poor-quality ewes are quoted a price of €2.50/kg, similar to rams which are quoted to 43kg carcase weight.

General trade

Base quotes on Thursday for hoggets are in the region of €8.20/kg for quality assured lots, with a high percentage of hoggets trading from individual sellers from €8.25/kg to €8.35/kg, while specialist finishers and regular sellers are securing a premium on price for large consignments of hoggets.

The two Irish Country Meats plants in Camolin and Navan have this week started quoting for spring lamb and are offering a base of €9.00/kg plus 20c/kg QA.

The plants are also quoting €10/kg for milk lamb, which is a carcase weighing from 10kg to 13kg weight.