Northern Ireland
Lamb prices tumble as buying demand eases
Kieran Mailey
There has been a sharp cut to lamb prices in NI, as buying demand slows with the passing of the Eid-Al-Adha festival.
Factories lag behind mart trade for lambs
The live trade in NI is returning higher prices to farmers with slaughter-fit lambs for sale.
Lamb prices rebound as plants reverse cuts
Tight supplies and a strong live trade has seen factories reversing last week's cuts to lamb prices.
Surge in NI sheep exports to Britain
Exports of sheep from Northern Ireland to Britain are up 83% year-on-year.
Factories move to cut sheep prices
Sheep processors are applying price pressure on hoggets and lambs ahead of the May bank holiday weekend.
Farm Tech Talk: sheds, sheep prices and sowing clover
A palatial shed for pedigree cattle in Monaghan, the latest sheep prices and advice for over-sowing clover feature in this week's show.
26 April 2024 News
AHDB revises 2024 UK lamb production outlook
Higher numbers of ewe hoggets being slaughtered and a reduction in the breeding ewe flock has led to revised production figures.
20 April 2024 Markets
NI hogget quotes bounce upwards by 10p/kg to 20p/kg
Factories in Northern Ireland reduced hogget quotes towards the end of buying for the Easter trade but have been forced to reverse prices upwards in response to tight supplies.
5 April 2024 Schemes
Hogget prices up £43 in Q1 of 2024
There have been plenty of positives within the sheep trade during 2024 with hogget prices rising £43 in Q1
3 April 2024 Northern Ireland
British hogget prices soar to €9.24/kg
A review of global sheep prices shows British sheep prices surpassing French farmgate returns, with prices rising by €2/kg since the turn of the year.
27 March 2024 Markets
Kildare Chilling lifts hogget quote by 20c/kg to €8.30/kg
The base quote for Friday leaves quality assured lambs at €8.40/kg and undoubtedly will put pressure on other competing plants to follow suit.
14 March 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: prices edge up by 10c/kg to 15c/kg
Base quotes are now in the region of €8/kg, but much higher prices are being paid to secure sales and try to entice producers to trade directly with factories
13 March 2024 Markets