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In pictures: lambs sell to €201 for 51kg in Ballinasloe
Darren Carty
The keenest demand on the evening was recorded for fleshed ram lambs with the standout price being €198 paid for a batch of 10 weighing 46.5kg.
12 June 2024 Markets
Exporters drive lamb trade in Kingscourt
Adam Woods reports from Monday’s sheep sale in Kingscourt mart
12 June 2024 Markets
Good demand for spring lamb in Kenmare
Kenmare mart manager, Dan McCarthy had a spring in his step following his recent re-election to Kerry Co council and a good start to spring lamb trade.
Record Australian lamb exports of 36,307t in May
Sheep slaughter figures and lamb export volumes appear to be setting new milestones on a monthly basis.
12 June 2024 Markets
NI trends: Price deals on offer for bigger numbers; live trade on fire for lambs
Beef finishers with a good supply of cattle are finding it easier to negotiate on price, while the live trade is on fire for fat lambs.
12 June 2024 Markets
Sheep mart report: agents fitter for larger entries
Sale entries are running significantly higher in many marts, with prices steady-to-stronger on the back of buying for the Eid al-Adha festival.
12 June 2024 Markets
Sheep trends: peak week for sheep throughput
A weekly kill of between 60,000 and 70,000 head is expected, with factories ramping up processing capacity and some planning to operate at the weekend.
12 June 2024 Markets
Sheep price update: factories increasing processing activity
Official base quotes are starting the week in a steady manner but there are reports of producers with significant numbers securing 10c/kg higher.
10 June 2024 Markets
UK shares in Australian exports surge
Overall Australian beef and lamb exports increased in May compared with last year and while coming from a low base, there was a huge percentage increase to the UK.
9 June 2024 News
Dates announced for 2024 Sheep Ireland ram sales
More than 500 five-star Sheep Improvement Scheme-eligible rams will be offered for sale on Saturday 24 August, with a second new hill ram sale taking place on Saturday 12 October.
7 June 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: kill running 11,300 head lower
Last week's kill was recorded at just 42,826 head and it is hard to see where an additional 20,000 to 30,000 sheep will appear from to meet demand for the Eid al-Adha festival.
5 June 2024 Markets
Sheep mart prices: factory pressure reflected in lamb prices
Marts have recorded prices reducing anywhere from €3 to €8/head, with significant variation apparent between sales and influenced by numbers on offer or buyer competition.
5 June 2024 Markets