Sheep Trends: greater focus placed on lambs
Darren Carty
Factories have pulled hogget quotes or stopped offering an official quote and are disseminating a message that they want to focus on lambs from now onwards.
13 May 2024 Markets
Sheep price update: tight numbers maintaining floor under base quotes
Base quotes for spring lambs are in the region of €9.30/kg or a starting price of €9.40/kg to €9.50/kg for quality assured lambs.
8 May 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: another low kill of just 38,565 sheep
Last week’s kill figure was over 9,300 head lower than the corresponding week in 2023, with throughput for the year to date approaching almost 100,000 head lower.
Sheep price update: tight supplies underpinning live trade
Factories continue to try to ease prices, but a combination of tight supplies and a reasonable appetite for sheep is maintaining firm competition in the trade.
6 May 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: quotes pulled by 10c/kg to 20c/kg
A number of factories are trying to insert downward pressure on the trade in recent days, with quotes reducing by 10c/kg to 20c/kg on last week’s level.
1 May 2024 Markets
Sheep price update: pressure on hoggets as spring lambs strengthen
Factories have moved to try to take control of the hogget trade, with quotes reduced, while spring lamb base quotes have increased by 10c/kg.
29 April 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: trade flying as prices up 20c/kg to 30c/kg
Lamb prices are climbing towards €10/kg for a growing number of producers, while hogget quotes are hot on its heels, with the differential narrowing further.
24 April 2024 Markets
Sheep price update: another 20c/kg added to hogget quotes
Base hogget quotes have increased to €9.20/kg to €9.40/kg plus the respective quality assurance bonuses, with top prices rising to upwards of €9.60/kg.
22 April 2024 Markets
Sheep trends update: hoggets and lambs up another 10c/kg to 20c/kg
Kildare Chilling continues to set the pace in the sheep trade with the factory quoting a base of €9.10/kg plus 10c/kg QA for hoggets and €9.40/kg plus 10c/kg QA for spring lambs for Wednesday’s kill.
15 April 2024 Markets
Sheep price update: trade resuming after Easter on solid footing
Hogget and lamb quotes remain unchanged in the region of €8.70/kg for QA hoggets and €9.20/kg for spring lambs.
2 April 2024 Markets
Sheep price update: Trade brimming with confidence
Plants are keen to make up for a day’s less processing and have been active over the weekend in sourcing sheep to get the kill back on track quickly on Tuesday.
18 March 2024 Markets
Kildare Chilling lifts hogget quote by 20c/kg to €8.30/kg
The base quote for Friday leaves quality assured lambs at €8.40/kg and undoubtedly will put pressure on other competing plants to follow suit.
14 March 2024 Markets