Calf numbers continue to steadily ease as the year progresses, with supply back 10% compared with last week according to the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) calf price database.

Yet again, there is little to no change in the breed composition of calf sales, with half of what is available sired by Angus bulls.

Hereford-sired calves maintain a firm grip on second place, accounting for three out of every 10 calves sold, while Friesian bulls - the dominant breed early on in the calf season - made up 6% of the calves on offer over the last seven days.

Demand is greatest at the moment from shippers, with some mart managers saying that they are the main players around the ringside.

As has been the case for most of the spring, the majority of calves are aged between three and six weeks of age.

Prices for Friesian bulls in the age category were back €6/head to €80/head this week.

Looking at prices for the main breeds on offer, there wasn’t too much change, as there continues to be a sweet spot in the market where supply and demand meet.

There was no change for Angus-cross bull calves, as their average price of €181/head remained the same as last week. Angus-cross heifer calves fared slightly better, with prices up €7/head over the week for an average of €126/head.

Prices for Hereford-cross bull calves continues to creep upwards. They were up €4/head for an average price of €196.

Selling for an average of €135/head meant that prices for Hereford-cross heifer calves went up €3/head.

The balance of the calves on offer were sired by continental breeds. Limousin were the most popular, accounting for a similar overall percentage as Friesian bulls.

For those aged between three and six weeks of age, Limousin-cross bulls averaged €207/head - a reduction of €21/head compared with last week. Heifers of the same breed were back €4/head compared with last week, selling for an average price of €179/head.