A pilot programme for methane reducing additives should be developed and rolled out by Teagasc by the end of the year, the Climate Action Plan has recommended.

The updated Government climate plan for 2024, released last week, said this programme should be undertaken by Teagasc Signpost dairy farmers.

The incorporation of methane reducing additives should be for methane coming from both enteric fermentation (occurring in the rumen) and from manure.

The Climate Action Plan outlined that funding should be secured, as well as supplies of the additive.

Suitable farmers should be identified, barriers recognised and the knowledge gained from the programme shared with other farmers.

Industry agreement

The report also recommended that the Department of Agriculture should secure industry agreement for tracking the use of methane-reducing feed ingredients and agree a charter, again by the close of 2024.

The plan also said the Department should undertake a review of the best practice for methane reducing supplements and additives to confirm their efficacy and use in feeds and manures.

These recommendations were outlined in the Climate Action Plan 2024 as actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the national herd.

Furthermore, the report suggested that a draft carbon farming framework should be published by the Department by the end of June this year.