Four ewes and six lambs were attacked and killed by two dogs recently in Tipperary.

Farmer Martin O’Brien said that “it will cost around €2,000", but added "it’s not the money aspect of it, it just shouldn’t happen”.

The two dogs involved were alsatians, one purebred and one half, and came from a housing estate. They weren’t licenced or microchipped. The smaller of the two dogs has been put down since the attack.

The attack happened at Newtown, Tipperary, on Tuesday 9 April.

Pet ownership and responsibility

On the attack, Tipperary Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) sheep chair JP Ryan said that “pet ownership and responsibility is essential, any owner who can’t control the dog shouldn’t have a dog”.

He said that it is a “huge animal welfare issue” and he has heard of dairy stock also being chased by dogs.

He said that "every dog should be microchipped" and called for a single database for all dogs.

“It is a huge loss and stress on the farmer and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. My sympathy goes out to the farmer involved. There’s enough hardship in sheep without dogs chasing them,” he said.