Government action needed on dog attacks on livestock - IFA
Anne O'Donoghue
IFA national sheep chair Adrian Gallagher has called on the Government to do more and said farmers face an uphill battle as dog attacks on livestock escalate.
22 April 2024 News
Awareness campaign for dog owners important, but more needed - IFA
IFA sheep chair Adrian Gallagher said that it is important to remind dog owners of their responsibilities and ensuring their dogs are under control at all times.
22 April 2024 News
New campaign to remind dog owners of their responsibilities
Dog owners are to be reminded that they are responsible for controlling their dogs at all times.
IFA demands urgent intervention as sheep kills increase
The lack of robust enforcement of existing laws continues to allow dogs to run riot on farms across the country, IFA sheep chair Adrian Gallagher has said.
19 April 2024 News
Dog attack kills 10 sheep in Tipperary
A Tipperary farmer has lost 10 sheep after two dogs attacked and killed them, costing him €2,000.
17 April 2024 News
ICSA pleads with dog owners to prevent attacks on sheep
ICSA president Sean McNamara said dog owners need to understand the serious consequences their pets’ actions can have.
13 March 2024 News
Know your escape route before going into the calving pen - HSA
The HSA has outlined the main areas of concern following a two-week inspection campaign around farmer safety which took place at the end of January.
7 February 2024 News
Letter highlighting the losses to sheep farmers from dog attacks
"Letter to the Minister for Agriculture" - Patrick Harrington, Ballincollig, Kielduff, Tralee, Co Kerry
31 January 2024 Letters
Kerry County Council to map dog attacks on sheep
It was also proposed that Kerry County Council would write to the Department of Agriculture to ask if its area monitoring system (AMS) be used to investigate dogs responsible for attacking sheep.
23 January 2024 News