Fodder reserves are rapidly dwindling on livestock farms, leading to a sharp increase in buying demand for silage since the start April.

Prices for pit silage are in the region of £40/t for good quality first and second cut, with farmers indicating full payment on collection is often required.

There are isolated reports of prices around £30 to £35/t for lower dry matter pit silage, again with payment on collection.

Round bale silage is a popular option for many farmers, given the ease of handling and transport. Prices for good quality first and second cut bales with high dry matter are in the region of £30 to £33, easing back to £25 for bales of lower dry matter and average quality feed value.

There are also reports of silage bales with a high fibre content being purchased by dairy farmers for use as a substitute to straw in cattle diets, given that imported English straw remains close to £100 for 8x4x3 bales.