Drawing bales in the famous Ford 7600
Gerald Potterton
Last week hauling 20 bales up the long climb to the yard with the Fendt 718 while the speed tumbled from 52 to 30kmph, brought me back to the Ford 7600 drawing silage in about 1979.
19 June 2024 News
Average of €2,000 to be paid under fodder scheme
A transport support of €30/bale was available to farmers who bought silage from over 75km away, after 1 April this year.
19 June 2024 News
Feed sales soar as grass growth falters on farms
PastureBase Ireland figures show that grass growth is currently running 0.8tDM back on average.
How much silage is on farm after first cut?
With first-cut silage complete, take the time to complete a quick fodder budget.
18 June 2024 Management
This week in photos; events, silage cutting, summer shows and more
Our photo roundup of the week include a crop event in Cork, summer shows, and images of the work going on in fields around the country.
16 June 2024 News
Five tips to stretch grass covers for grazing
Grazing management has become challenging for many farms as wet weather has left ground soft and growth rates are below demand. Outlined are some tips to stretching grass covers.
15 June 2024 Management
Unsettled cows under-performing at grass
Castlederg dairy farmer Jessica Pollock has made some tweaks to management of cows at grass this year.
12 June 2024 Farmer Writes
Home Farm: first cut silage now complete
We delayed cutting to let the dock spray work fully over the three week recommended period between spraying and cutting.
12 June 2024 Viewpoints
Extension to liming scheme deadline needed - IFA
According to the IFA, there are areas in which only 20-30% of prepaid lime has been delivered and spread to date, which was described as "concerning".
11 June 2024 News
Weekend weather: scattered showers and cooler temperatures
Met Éireann has said that showers will most often affect the north and west, while the south will be drier with closer to average temperatures.
7 June 2024 News
Home Farm: annual test - clear of TB
It seems clear that wildlife - especially the uncontrolled spread of infected deer - is one of the key causes of the spread of the disease in cattle.
5 June 2024 Viewpoints
Dairy management: second-cut silage and managing cash
Aidan Brennan looks at how much fertiliser is required for making second-cut silage
5 June 2024 Management