Last week, the Eikon Exhibition Centre at Balmoral Park, Lisburn, Co Antrim, marked the second stop of the AJS Spring Farm Machinery show series. Despite taking place just one week after Lamma, the show attracted big crowds last Wednesday and Thursday. As always, the strong display of Northern Irish-built machines proves testament to just how strong machinery manufacturing is in NI, with many of the manufacturing exhibitors not much more than a stone’s throw from the show grounds. A total of 12,500 showgoers passed through the doors over the two days, up 1,500 people on last year. The Cavan show this week (Wednesday and today, Thursday) at the Cavan Equestrian Centre is the third and final location, concluding the AJS country-wide show series for 2024.

Kane Trailers launches Halfpipe plus

Well-known company Kane Trailers has just launched a new larger capacity Halfpipe plus silage trailer. The Co Down firm first unveiled its Halfpipe range back in 2007 and has by and large stuck with the core principal design ever since. However, with many buyers now tending to opt for bigger capacity trailers, the manufacturer has developed a larger capacity 24ft option. It says the design is new from the ground up. It features bigger axles, brakes and a three-inch wider body. It now comes shod on higher rated 710/50 R26.5 BKT tyres.

The front headboard now comes with increased visibility, while the silage sides are split, meaning they aren’t full length. The rear door is similar to the current design, but the ends are tapered. Kane says the new design encompasses 25% more capacity in comparison to a standard 18t trailer, which would measure 22ft long.

Although keeping tight lipped on the price, Kane said the unit will be costing £8,000, plus VAT, more than a standard 18t trailer. Limited numbers are available for the upcoming silage season.

The 12m MBE umbilical dribble bar is priced at €21,100, plus VAT.

Clover Agri Sales shows MBE 12m umbilical dribble bar

The newly established Co Antrim machinery dealership, Clover Agri Sales, based near Lisburn, exhibited at the event for the first time. It showcased equipment from Moore Brothers Engineering (MBE), Wessex, Mitchell Machinery, Graeme Warden Engineering, Agribumper and Vogelsang, all of which it is an agent for. Attracting considerable attention was a new 12m umbilical dribble bar from MBE, a company specialising in the manufacture of slurry equipment, based near Markethill, Co Armagh.

While a new name for many showgoers, the family business is up and running just over three years. MBE offers complete umbilical systems, alongside a range of tanker-mounted dribble bars from 7.5m, right up to 12m in working width and trailing shoe solutions, starting at 7.5m. The new 12m double fold model is equipped with twin macerators/distributors from either Vogelsang or Alrena, depending on preference.

Standard features include, fully galvanised frame, hydraulic break back protection, 250mm outlet spacings, 40mm hosing and 50mm lay flat outlets. The 12m model is priced at €21,100, plus VAT.

This mega-spec 4,160 gallon slurry tanker built by BSA is the first unit to arrive in Ireland.

BSA tankers make Irish show debut

Genesis Distribution showcased the first BSA slurry tanker in Ireland at the event. BSA is a German company owned by the Austrian-based Bauer Group. In Irish slurry circles, Bauer is best known for slurry pumps and separators.

Based near Lisburn, the company explained that it believes there is a market in Ireland for these types of high-end tankers, and is specifically targeting the biogas industry.

It says that they are beginning to see that in many cases, standard slurry tankers with 6mm barrels handling a lot of digestate are wearing out after five to six years. It says the BSA tanker is designed for this work, is galvanised and then painted with a duplex enamel paint for a long life.

This mega-spec 4,160-gallon slurry tanker is fitted with a 450m3/hr twin rotor pump and a 15m Bomech trailing shoe. The several compartment tank features internal automatic recirculation.

Fitted with flow control, this system automatically adjusts the application rate in line with operator demands and forward speed. Other spec includes a self-filling arm and 800/60 R32 wheels.

The new Agquip 9.3m trailing shoe is priced at €18,950, plus VAT.

Show debut for new Agquip 9.3m trailing shoe

Co Antrim slurry equipment manufacturer, Agquip, presented its new 9.3m trailing shoe publicly for the first-time last week.

Previously, Aqguip used a mast system to vertically raise and lower the boom and separate service to fold and unfold the boom between transport and working position.

Instead, the new design eliminates the hydraulic mast and integrates both functions into one essentially.

Once the boom folds out of transport position it tilts down allowing the spring tips to contact the surface, thus removing the need for vertical lifting via a mast. This setup requires only one double acting spool with a diverter switch. The double-folding booms reduce the overall transport height to 2.76m.

In addition to the new 9.3m low-folding model, Agquip also offers a smaller 7.6m model and is expected to launch a flagship 12m version in the summer. Agquip continues to use its own horizontal macerator as before. The 9.3m model is priced at €18,950, plus VAT.

Updates to the Vitasem mechanical seed drill and Lion power harrow combination are centered around easing setup and improved performance.

Updated mechanical seed drill from Pöttinger

Pöttinger dealer, Henry Porter Machinery presented the recently updated Vitasem M 3000 mounted mechanical seed drill and Lion 3030 Master power harrow combination. Last year, Pöttinger updated the range to further enhance performance and ease the calibration procedure.

In its 3m configuration, it offers 20 rows at 12.5cm spacings and a maximum coulter pressure of 25kg. At 700l and 1,200l, the seed hopper options have increased by 25% compared with the previous generation. Access to the hopper itself and the operator platform have been improved. The Vitasem is available with mechanical or electric metering and uses two separate seed metering units combined into one system, while both metering wheels are on the one shaft for a fast changeover between small and large seed sizes. Calibration is now done from left side via the standard mechanical handle (electric option). The process has been improved and the trays are now easier to remove.

The Lion power harrow now includes non-folding side boards, simpler adjustments, and a rear levelling board as standard which adjusts automatically with the depth of the rear roller.