Last week, John Deere launched its new and updated 6M tractor range to its Irish and UK dealers. This was later followed by a number of social media posts from dealers teasing the revised lineup, creating a bit of a stir within the industry.

The Irish Farmers Journal understands that the range is awaiting its public launch later this month.

The majority of social media posts highlighted the key updates, which for the first time includes the option of a 50km/h transmission in the form of the proven Autoquad or Autopowr configurations, 42in rear wheel rims, 155l/min hydraulic pump and a reversible fan, to mention just a few. A new corner post display has also been fitted.

For the first time, the range will comprise 17 new tractors from its short frame, four-cylinder models, right through to its six-cylinder extra-large-frame models.

This will now see the 6M range, which currently spans from 90 to 195hp, broaden to now encompass models from 105hp to 275hp, and soon match the power of the current 6R lineup (121hp to 275hp). Back when John Deere first introduced the 115hp to 170hp M series in 2012, it was targeted more so towards livestock and mixed farms not requiring a 50km/h transmission, or the larger, more premium R-series cab and bells and whistles that followed.

Now, as the series continues to evolve, some may claim that the physical factors differentiating the two ranges appear to be narrowing. However, there are still considerable differences when it comes to specification, mainly in terms of in-cab refinements and beneath the surface, in areas such as precision ag features.

As the 6M continues to evolve after 12 years, it has done so in line with customer requirements, as we move into an era more focused on technology.

A new corner post display appears to be fitted.

The new 6M is available with the option of an Autoquad or Autopowr 50km/h transmission.


The range is now broken down into seven four-cylinder models and 10 six-cylinder models. Starting with four short-frame models.

The 6M 95 offering a maximum 120hp (with IPM) is the smallest short-frame model offered, with a 2,400mm wheelbase. The 6M 125 tops out the short-frame class at 120hp (with IPM).

There are then three small-frame tractors with a 2,580mm wheelbase, ranging from the 6M 130 to the 6M 150, topping out the four-pot lineup and boosting to a maximum 177hp (with IPM).

The 6M 145 starts the mid-frame six-cylinder lineup and 2,765mm wheelbase. Maximum horsepower across the four models ranges from 171hp (with IPM) to 213hp (with IPM) in the 6M 185.

The large frame goes from the 6M 180 to the 6M 240, offering a 2,800mm wheelbase.

Horsepower across the four models ranges from 208hp to 270hp. Meanwhile, there are also two extra-large-frame models with a 2,900mm wheelbase.

These are the 6M 230 and 6M 250, outputting maximum horsepowers from 260hp to 281hp (with IPM).

Our first impressions are that the new 6M will be welcomed by both farmers and contractors, the latter particularly, given that a 50km/h transmission is on offer. Customer units are believed to start arriving in early 2025.

For now, John Deere intends to remain tight-lipped regarding any further details or specification on the 6M until its public launch, believed to be scheduled to take place at the end of the month.

The new 17 model 6M lineup.