Claas has launched a new generation of front loaders for its Elios, Axos and Arion tractor ranges up to 180hp. Six new models with mechanical self-levelling replace the previous FL C series.

The new models encompass lift capacities from 940kg to 2,490kg (measured 80cm in front of the bucket pivot point) and breakaway forces from 1,820kg to 3,120kg. Lift heights at the bucket hinge points range from 3.5m to 4.5m.

The range includes a new three-section design and double-angled booms, designed to shift the pivot point mechanism of the parallelogram downwards by more than 20cm. This, combined with the 10cm lower cross beam, provides operators with an improved view of the frame and attachment. All hoses are now integrated into the frame.

The Fitlock coupling system has remained from the previous models, while the locking mechanism is fully automatic and entirely mechanical.

The Mach 2 multi-coupler connects hydraulic and electrical lines in seconds, including third service functions. Four different control options are offered.

The lower pivot point and sloping boom section improves visibility of the attachment and headstock.

A third service pressure relief function is optionally available, so too is the Fastlock system which allows attachments to be locked at the press of a button without having to leave the cab.

Further options include LED lights and an automatic bucket return function which sees it return to its horizontal loading position.