As numbers continue to even out this week, Central Auctions Nenagh recorded yet another week of decent dairy sales.

With just under 250 cattle on offer at its weekly sale, 94% of the lots on offer were sold on the day.

With calves more or less all spoken for, there was a small offering of reared calves that went through the ring, with a clear difference between the well-bred and well-fed calves in comparison with the lesser-quality calves, with almost €230 in the difference between the top-end heifer calves and the lower end of the trade.

That margin grew to nearly €300 worth of a difference between the bull calves.

A small entry of heifers saw an average increase of almost 50c/kg on the week, with the average price falling around the €2.60/kg mark.


In the bullock ring, prices were back slightly, with 350kg to 400kg weight bullocks averaging around the €2.40/kg mark, which is back roughly 10c/kg on the week previous.

Bullocks in the 400kg to 500kg weight range were also back around 15c/kg, but still sold well, averaging around the €2.30/kg mark.

Over in the cow ring, numbers weren’t as plentiful, but the better-conformed dairy cows were up slightly, with some of the nicer types seeing increases of nearly 30c/kg.

In pictures

This quality Angus-cross bullock weighing 515kg and born 23/07/22 sold for €1,540 (€2.99/kg).

Four Friesian-cross bullocks born from 01/03/22 to 20/03/22 and weighing 413kg on average sold for €800 (€1.94/kg).

These February 2023 born Angus-cross heifers weighing 305kg on average sold for €780 (€2.56/kg).

Weighing 302kg on average these Aberdeen Angus-cross heifers born February and March 2023 sold for €790 (€2.62/kg).

This Charolais-cross heifer weighing 280kg and born 19/02/23 sold for €730 (€2.61/kg).