Competition authorities in Uruguay are opposing the acquisition of three Marfrig-owned factories by Minerva Foods. This was part of a wider deal announced last August by the major beef and sheepmeat processor headquartered in Brazil.

It is understood that Minerva is in the process of preparing an appeal against the decision in Uruguay, which may yet be approved, with restrictions added.

This transaction was part of a huge deal last August between Minerva Foods and Marfrig, which along with JBS dominate Brazilian and South American beef and sheep processing.

Minerva paid BRL7.5bn, the equivalent of €1.33bn, for the purchase of 11 slaughter and deboning factories in Brazil, one in Argentina and Chile, plus the three in Uruguay that have fallen foul of the competition authorities.

Separately in September last year, Minerva acquired Breeders and Packers Uruguay, a modern factory with a daily slaughter capacity of 1,200 head. It exports 85% of its production and brought Minerva’s overall daily slaughter capacity in the country to 3,700 head. Minerva Foods has 10 cattle-processing facilities in Brazil with a daily slaughter capacity of 12,237 head, five in Paraguay with a 8,025 head capacity, a further five factories in Argentina with 5,228 daily capacity, and two in Columbia with 1,550 daily capacity. Outside of South America, the company has four processing facilities in Australia with a daily slaughter capacity of 19,216 head, and several sales offices across the world.

In July 2022, Minerva announced a supply agreement with Hilton Foods to supply beef for the UK market.