Market Digest: stories from around the world
Phelim O'Neill
Brief news snippets from India, Britain, Argentina and New Zealand.
12 June 2024 Markets
Dairy Trends: dairy markets continue to strengthen as weather disrupts supplies
The European spot market saw steady gains for most dairy commodities this week, writes Aidan Brennan
29 May 2024 News
Uruguay blocks factory deal
Competition authorities in Uruguay were not happy with Minerva Foods taking over three beef and sheep-processing factories in the country.
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief news snippets from Russia, Canada, Argentina and China.
15 May 2024 World
Strong beef demand from China
China's beef imports in the first quarter increased, even though the USDA forecast overall decline in 2024.
28 April 2024 News
A quiet mart day in Argentina
The Canuelas facility runs 20,000hd through its rings on a busy sale, and close to 14,000hd usually.
17 April 2024 Dealer
World's largest meat processor made a loss in 2023
JBS move from huge profits in 2022 to losses in 2023, driven by perfect storm of high US cattle prices and weaker export markets.
31 March 2024 News
Market digest – stories from around the world
Brief news snippets from Argentina, Australia, Wales and Ukraine
20 March 2024 World
US cow numbers hit five-year low
Dairy exports from the US were 7% back in 2023 compared with 2022 and Rabobank predicts that volumes are unlikely to recover in 2024.
17 March 2024 News
Analysis: why European farmer protests will hamper Mercosur deal
European Commission president faces fight to keep Mercosur trade deal alive as she meets French president who is surrounded by tractors.
1 February 2024 Opinion
Farmer protests complicate trade deals
Trade commissioner talks up prospects of Mercosur deal, but there are many obstacles in the way of getting it across the line.
28 January 2024 News