October election the most likely option
Pat O'Toole
All the tea-leaves seem to point toward an autumn general election, with a new EUcommissioner to be appointed and a pre-election budget on the cards in September
5 June 2024 Viewpoints
VAT debacle another thorn in farmers' sides
TAMS reference costings are out by a huge amount as prices are not updated. The cost of finance has increased substantially.
5 June 2024 News
Taoiseach vows to exclude active farmland from zoned land tax
Taoiseach Simon Harris said that farmers whose land is being actively farmed will not face potential tax bills as a result of the residential zoned land tax.
Taoiseach 'engaging' with Minister for Finance on VAT rebate debacle
The change in interpretation by Revenue of how VAT can be reclaimed by non-VAT-registered farmers has caused them some angst, An Taoiseach admitted.
18 May 2024 News
News Podcast: organics, farm building and Munster hurling
On this week’s news podcast, the team discusses farm building works, organic farming, hear from the Taoiseach and discuss the Munster hurling championship.
17 May 2024 News
Green light for new vet school 'coming fast' - Taoiseach
A decision on where the new vet school will be located is expected in the next "few weeks", Taoiseach Simon Harris has said.
16 May 2024 News
Fine Gael farm group calls for nitrates taskforce
A report by a Fine Gael representative body has recommended the formation of the taskforce, with the aim of retaining the current 250kg and 220kg N/ha derogation limits.
15 May 2024 News
Farmers don’t need 'lecturing' on climate - Taoiseach
Taoiseach Simon Harris said it's time for the agricultural sector to start "getting treated with a little bit of respect."
24 April 2024 News
Taoiseach backs retention of derogation
This progress, Simon Harris argued, is despite the fact that people keep on "finger wagging" at farmers.
24 April 2024 News
'Extra' vet places possible for September
There are three universities in the running to provide additional places for vet students.
24 April 2024 News
Renewables gathers momentum but will policy catch up?
There is no doubt that farmers, businesses and homeowners see the potential in renewables, but significant challenges still exist, writes Stephen Robb.
20 April 2024 Renewables
Agri sector making 'more progress' than others to reduce emissions - Taoiseach
This progress, Simon Harris argued, is despite the fact that people keep on "finger wagging" at farmers.
19 April 2024 News