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Colm McCarthy: practical measures needed to turn targets into policy
Colm McCarthy
Targets in conflict are a recipe for delay and cost escalation. The latest domain for this habit of political evasion is defence policy.
14 July 2024 News
Quality Assurance needs farmer buy-in
Quality Assurance is a core requirement to supply the highest value customers for Irish beef, but farmers need to see the value in euros to be persuaded to do more.
12 July 2024 News
Changing face of Irish beef industry
The crowds at this week's Dairy Calf to Beef shows farmers are open minded to change, but it has to be shown to work.
Fertiliser register a sign of new approach
A new fertiliser database is to be introduced by DAERA Minister Andrew Muir
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Home Farm: beef weakens and first steps for harvest
Hopefully the bulk of the winter barley will meet the specifications without any pre-harvest treatment.
10 July 2024 Viewpoints
Knock on impacts from Labour's UK victory
The governing legislation has turned out to be a Nimbies’ Charter, conferring veto powers on geographically small planning authorities sensitive to the objections of residents’ associations.
10 July 2024 Viewpoints
Dempsey at Large: Independent examination planned for Brennan farm
Successive farm leaders have voiced their profound unease at how the case has been handled.
10 July 2024 Viewpoints
Home Farm: variable crops, light silage
We have negotiated as hard as we can with our factory customers, but there is only so far they are willing to go.
3 July 2024 Viewpoints
Reversing 15% penalty cap changes nothing
Minister Muir has said he is going to reverse a decision taken by his predecessor, Edwin Poots
3 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Dempsey at Large: an outstanding summary of work in beef
The value of knowing the commercial breeding value of bought-in dairy beef stores is becoming critical for profitability.
3 July 2024 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy's UK general election predictions
In the next parliament, the surviving Tories will include very few Europe-friendly politicians, many of whom were discarded by Boris Johnson before the 2019 election.
3 July 2024 Viewpoints
Opinion: glasshouse repairs are needed before I throw any stones
A clumsy and disappointing pair of factual errors have left me slow to join the pile-on Joe Biden is experiencing, but he is now an outside shot to retain the US presidency.
29 June 2024 Opinion