Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland sheep kill down over 36,147 head or 15% in 2024
Darren Carty
The lower number of sheep slaughtered is being strongly influenced by live exports of sheep running almost 40,000 head higher.
10 July 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: another €10 knocked off lamb prices
Base quotes have fallen by another 50c/kg to a base of €7/kg following a 20c/kg cut at the weekend and a further 30c/kg cut on Thursday.
3 July 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: lamb quotes suffer another 50c/kg cut
Factories started the week dropping quotes by 20c/kg and have followed this up with a 30c/kg cut to base quotes for Thursday’s kill.
Sheep kill could fall by over 200,000 head in 2024
A 100,000 head reduction in breeding ewe numbers, higher mortality and reduced lamb performance could see sheep throughput plummet in 2024.
3 July 2024 News
Sheep Trends: base quotes 10c/kg to 20c/kg lower
The reduction in quotes occurred over the weekend, with prices in the main holding steady since the start of the week.
26 June 2024 Markets
Sheep kill back by almost 16% this May
The 16% drop represents a decrease of over 39,000 sheep.
26 June 2024 News
Buying for Eid underpinning peak sheep kill
In addition to peak throughput in factories reports indicate the festival will significantly boost the number of sheep exported live from Ireland and Northern Ireland.
12 June 2024 News
Sheep Trends: more life as Northern trade rebounds
Base quotes in factories in Ireland are largely similar, but quotes in plants in Northern Ireland have rebounded strongly, rising by 20p/kg to 30p/kg in some plants.
15 May 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: another low kill of just 38,565 sheep
Last week’s kill figure was over 9,300 head lower than the corresponding week in 2023, with throughput for the year to date approaching almost 100,000 head lower.
8 May 2024 Markets
Australian sheep sector setting new production records
Throughput in the latest weekly kill increased by 125,918 head to 692,682, marking the largest combined sheep and lamb slaughter on record.
21 April 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: Ramadan festival boosting hogget demand
Factory agents have increased activity as the week has progressed in sourcing hoggets for the Ramadan festival.
3 April 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: Easter trade stimulates strong demand
Quotes for Thursday for hoggets and lambs remain unchanged, but cull ewe quotes have increased, as factories try to entice higher numbers to opt for direct sales.
27 March 2024 Markets