Severe lamb price cuts finally halted
Darren Carty
A couple of plants have still moved to reduce base quotes by 15c/kg to 20c/kg but its success is variable with other plants holding quotes steady.
Cull cows prices down 48p/kg in 2024
Market reports show a significant price drop in cull cow prices when compared to 2023 levels.
Fat lamb prices continue to drop
Lamb prices remain under pressure and are down by more than £30 since mid-June
NI Trends: bank holiday keeps beef prices steady; lamb quotes still in reverse
There is no movement on beef prices in Northern Ireland, as plants operate on a shorter week with the bank holiday weekend. However, lamb prices continue to fall.
10 July 2024 Markets
Sheep mart comment: prices easing as the week progress
Consecutive reductions in factory prices are being reflected in mart sales, with prices declining as the week is progressing.
3 July 2024 Markets
NI Trends: price deals on offer as supplies tighten; lamb quotes drop 50p/kg
Supplies of prime cattle are tightening in Northern Ireland and price deals are on offer for in-spec stock. Quotes on lamb have plummeted.
3 July 2024 Markets
NI Trends: beef prices steady for in-spec cattle; lamb trade recovers in marts
There is a steady outlook within the NI beef trade, with no movement on price. Lambs are an improved trade, with mart prices rebounding from last week.
26 June 2024 Markets
Live exporters shore up NI lamb trade
The presence of live exporters in local marts is boosting prices for fat lambs across NI
26 June 2024 Northern Ireland
Factories criticised by ICSA for pulling lamb prices
ICSA sheep chair Willie Shaw said in recent weeks that factories have dropped the price of spring lamb by over €1/kg, which equates to a hit of more than €20 per finished lamb.
25 June 2024 News
NI Trends: prime cattle steady but cows on the up
Prices for prime cattle are steady in Northern Ireland, although there is more life in the cow trade.
19 June 2024 Markets
Lamb prices tumble as buying demand eases
There has been a sharp cut to lamb prices in NI, as buying demand slows with the passing of the Eid-Al-Adha festival.
19 June 2024 Northern Ireland
Buying for Eid underpinning peak sheep kill
In addition to peak throughput in factories reports indicate the festival will significantly boost the number of sheep exported live from Ireland and Northern Ireland.
12 June 2024 News