Rearing 6,500 calves ‘McDonald’s-style’ in UK
Adam Woods
Adam Woods visited Long Lane Farm this week, which rears 6,500 calves annually for the Buitelaar Group.
Dairy calf birth registrations rising in Britain
Calf birth registrations in Britain shows an ongoing rise in the number of animals originating from a dairy dam.
4 June 2024 News
Third amendment of CAP schemes taking place
This is the third time since the CAP Strategic Plan launched in 2023 that schemes have been amended.
IFA seeks overhaul of dairy beef scheme
IFA president Francie Gorman has called for a payment of €100 per calf for farmers rearing calves from the dairy herd.
24 May 2024 News
Beef Management: grass quality and when to dose for worms
Adam Woods takes a look at keeping grass quality up and when to go in with the first summer dose at grass.
22 May 2024 Management
New Teagasc demonstration farm rearing 300 dairy-beef calves launched
The farm in Co Tipperary is leased for 15 years from April 2022 and is rearing over 300 dairy-beef calves to finish each year.
22 May 2024 News
Over 124,000 apply for BISS
This is down nearly 4,500 applications from last year, which saw over 128,500 in by the May deadline.
17 May 2024 News
When and how to wean dairy beef calves
Adam Woods takes a look at some of the details around weaning dairy calves off milk and making sure there is no growth setbacks in the process
15 May 2024 Grass & feeding
Weekend weather: dry and warm for the most part
Met Éireann has forecast a dry and warm weekend until Saturday evening, with rain to return on Sunday.
10 May 2024 News
Farmers told to read conditions of Dairy Beef Welfare Scheme
If applying to the Dairy Beef Welfare Scheme, animals purchased must be genotyped, Sean Brosnan, ICOS Mart chair reminds farmers.
2 May 2024 News
Dairy beef makes up 44% of NI prime kill
Beef animals originating from the dairy herd make up a significant proportion of factory kills throughout in NI.
Watch: Gigginstown Angus bull hits €7,000
Niamh Murphy reports from the Gigginstown annual sale of Aberdeen Angus bulls and heifers that took place at the weekend.
22 April 2024 Pedigree