Drystock farmers 'sleep walking' into nitrates penalties
Declan O’Brien
Farmers with high-phosphate soils are still purchasing fertiliser compounds such as 18-6-12 and 10-10-20, because it is what they have always done.
12 April 2024 News
ACRES tranche two approvals begin issuing
Those in the co-operation stream of the scheme will receive their approvals first.
10 April 2024 Feature
ACRES scheme a proper disaster for the Burren, say farmers
Almost a year and a half on from the Burren Programme being replaced by ACRES, local farmers Michael Davoren and Michael Collins speak to Anne O’Donoghue about the impact on the landscape and farmers.
Letter about ACRES hedge planting rules
"Changes to ACRES hedge planting rules" - Harry O'Grady, Co Limerick.
10 April 2024 Letters
Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Nature project shortlisted for EU natura award
An initiative to improve ecosystem services in the northwest of the country, which led to the establishment of ACRES, has been shortlisted for an EU natura award.
1 April 2024 News
Letter regarding ACRES planting
"Time to think about the importance of windbreaks for cattle husbandry" - Ger Roarty, Co Donegal.
27 March 2024 Letters
2024 exemption granted for ACRES shallow cultivation requirement
Due to the recent adverse weather, an exemption has been applied to the environmental management of arable fallow action in ACRES.
27 March 2024 News
More deadline flexibility needed for ACRES measures - IFA
The IFA welcomed the extension to submit soil sampling results for ACRES, but said this approach should be taken with other measures under the scheme.
25 March 2024 News
ACRES soil sampling extension a welcome move
The Department of Agriculture highlights that the move to extend the deadline to submit soil sample analysis to 31 December 2024 has been taken as a result of adverse weather hampering soil sampling.
25 March 2024 News
Department confirms ACRES scorecard and NPI roll-out plan
The Department of Agriculture told the Irish Farmers Journal that it is developing systems which will process NPIs with approval letters not expected until the second half of 2024.
20 March 2024 News
Calls for a ban on imports of whitethorn as fireblight disease spreads
Whitethorn whips have ha to be imported from the UK as part of farmers’ obligations under ACRES to plant hedges when Irish-grown plants ran out, Rachel Donovan writes.
20 March 2024 News
One-year extension to ACRES hedgerow and tree planting establishment deadline
The Department of Agriculture has announced the extension to 31 March 2025 due to "current market restraints and the limited supplies of suitable hedgerow and tree plants".
14 March 2024 Schemes