INHFA secures some flexibility on interim ACRES clawbacks
Noel Bardon
Around 6,000 farmers were overpaid when an interim payment issued amid prolonged holdups to advance payments.
16 July 2024 News
Burst pipe in Department's office will have 'no impact' on payments
Staff were forced to evacuate Department of Agriculture offices in Wexford recently following a water pipe explosion.
15 July 2024 News
ICMSA calls for rethink of ACRES repayment options
The ICMSA has requested that affected farmers be allowed to repay via next year's ACRES payment rather than the next scheduled payment.
43% of farmers in ACRES co-operation still waiting on balancing payment
It was also revealed that 15% of all farmers in ACRES were overpaid by their interim payment in February.
13 July 2024 Schemes
Zero tax on eco schemes sought by INHFA
All capital expenditure on measures such as the planting of trees or hedgerows should get a 100% tax write-off in year one.
10 July 2024 News
Charter has moved on, but issues remain
IFA Connacht Regional chair Brendan Golden discusses new Charter and the contribution of both the IFA and Department of Agriculture.
10 July 2024 News
Trust is at the heart of our inability to halt biodiversity loss
For Ireland to restore its woodlands, peatlands and grasslands, trust between key stakeholders will have to reestablished, writes Ray Ó Foghlú.
Farm groups lay out agenda for new charter committee
Farming representatives on the Farmers' Charter are keen to see flexibility on the recouping of excess ACRES payments which went out to some farmers in the interim payment run.
4 July 2024 News
New charter reverts to traditional dates for payments
The announcement of the ANC advance payments will once again be a feature of the Ploughing Championships.
3 July 2024 Schemes
INHFA demands immediate action on ACRES
INHFA president Vincent Roddy says there is a high level of frustration around ACRES and that there is a need to address critical issues around payments, habitat scorecards and actions for farmers.
3 July 2024 Schemes
Flexibility needed on ACRES interim payment clawback – Kerrane
Sinn Féin’s spokesperson on agriculture Claire Kerrane has said the Department of Agriculture needs to exercise flexibility when it comes to recouping ACRES monies from farmers.
3 July 2024 News
New Farmers’ Charter agreed outlining Department's targets
The charter sets out the Department's targets on timelines for scheme payments, application approvals and inspections.
3 July 2024 News