There was little Christmas cheer or goodwill for one Wexford family business, which fell prey to a fraud that saw a new Westwood trailer stolen from them.

Pat Redmond is well known for buying, selling and delivering hay, straw and silage. He is also the main dealer for Ifor Williams trailers in the southeast.

Recently, he agreed a deal to sell a trailer to a man who identified himself as Philip with an address in Northern Ireland.

Payment was made by bank transfer, with the buyer collecting the trailer directly from Westwood, Ireland's Ifor Williams' main dealers at its Kilcullen, Co Kildare, premises.

Payment never landed

On 16 November, 'Philip' sent notification of an online payment for the trailer. On the same day, the trailer was collected. However, the payment never landed. The arrangements turned out to be bogus - a scam, an elaborate fraud.

The following day, Pat contacted 'Philip' as payment hadn't landed. 'Philip' answered his phone and made assurances that despite a small holdup, payment was on its way.

However, payment never landed and 'Philip' never answered his phone again. It now appears to be disconnected.

Pat Redmond then contacted the local Garda station in Enniscorthy. Naas Garda, near Westwood's Kilcullen base, is also on the case.

They have made contact with the courier who collected the trailer on the day for 'Philip', which is now presumed to be an alias. The company involved is also untraceable.


Pat is appealing to farmers, plant operators or builders that if they are approached to buy a new Ifor Williams trailer to consider the possibility that it is the one stolen from him.

The trailer is a small plant trailer, a GX 126. It's a twin-axle, 12ft by 6ft, with low sides and a ramp rear door.

Pat is resigned to the fact that he may never trace his trailer or the man who stole it.

"I've been trading in machinery and forage for decades and never have been robbed like this before," he said.

He warns people to be very careful about dealing with people remotely and to make sure payment is made in full before goods are delivered or collected.