Just 9% of the targets outlined in Food Vision 2030 have been achieved, a report into the strategy's progress has found.

Food Vision 2030 contains four missions, 22 goals and 218 actions for the agri-food sector to work towards reducing emissions in the period to 2030.

To date, 20 actions (9%) are complete, 121 actions (56%) have substantial action undertaken and 75 actions (34%) have commenced and are progressing. Just 1% have not started yet.

The four missions of Food Vision 2030 are:

  • Mission 1: a climate smart, environmentally sustainable agri-food sector.
  • Mission 2: viable and resilient primary producers, with enhanced wellbeing.
  • Mission 3: food that is safe, nutritious and appealing, trusted and valued at home and abroad.
  • Mission 4: innovative, competitive and resilient agri-food sector, driven by technology and talent.
  • Some 13% of actions under the first mission are complete, while 12% of the second mission actions are complete. Less than 6% of actions in the remaining two missions are complete, the report found.

    Some of the main achievements outlined in the report over the last year include the launch of Ireland’s new Forestry Programme; a new horticulture strategy; a bioeconomy action plan; a new fertiliser database; a national dialogue on women in agriculture; a food waste prevention roadmap; Ireland’s fourth National Biodiversity Action Plan; the establishment of An Rialálaí Agraibhia (Agri-Food Regulator); a national genotyping programme; a suckler carbon efficiency programme; a Dairy Beef Welfare Scheme; and securing Irish Grass-Fed Beef as a protected geographical indication.


    This is the second annual report for the Food Vision 2030 process and it was launched by Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue on Wednesday 19 June.

    Minister McConalogue said: “This second annual report for the Food Vision 2030 process highlights progress across the agri-food sector as we continue to improve all the strands of sustainability - environmental, economic and social.

    "As chair of the high-level implementation committee, I want to commend all the stakeholders on the progress that is being made right across agriculture, fisheries, forestry and our processing sectors.

    "Food Vision is a transformative roadmap for the agri-food sector, developed by the sector for the sector, using a food systems approach.

    "The report highlights the depth and breadth of activity as we continue to work collaboratively in pursuing our ambitions to make Ireland a world leader in sustainable food systems.”