Longford Fine Gael Councillor Paraic Brady has launched a scathing critique of the Agri-Food Regulator, condemning its lack of action to date for farmers.

Brady, a suckler and sheep farmer, was subject to an injunction by C&D Foods for his role in the 2019 beef protests.

He claims that recent beef price cuts are clear evidence that the regulator has failed to support Ireland's beef farmers since its inception.

"The recent cuts in beef prices are a stark reminder that the regulator has done absolutely nothing for our beef farmers."

Brady pointed out that the regulator's mandate was to ensure fair practices and pricing in the agricultural sector, yet he sees no evidence of this.

"Where is the promised support for farmers?" he asked, claiming that the regulator wasn't looking at the real issues on the ground.

Board members

The councillor did not hold back on his criticism of the farmer board members.

"The farmer representatives on the board seem to have forgotten who they are there to serve. Their silence and inaction are deafening. It's time they stood up for the people they are supposed to represent."

Brady emphasised the urgent need for a regulator that genuinely advocates for farmers.

"Our beef farmers are the backbone of rural Ireland and they deserve a regulator that fights for them. We need transparency, accountability and real action – not more empty promises."

Brady called for immediate reforms and greater scrutiny of the regulator's activities.

"The current state of affairs is unacceptable. We need a regulator that works for the farmers, not against them. It's high time for change."