Robert Malone Snr, from Carbury, Co Kildare, feeding beef cattle for his son, Brian Malone, with his new JCB 532-60. \ Brian Malone

A calf enjoying her first day out at grass in Cavan. \ Sarah Reilly

Robert Hall planting potatoes with the help of Rachel and Sam Hall in Sligo. \ Fiona Hall

Ken Bryan planting spring barley with a Valtra S234 and Pöttinger drill in Kinsale, Co Cork. \ Ivan Bradfield

Benedict Geoghegan, from Dundee, Scotland, helping his granduncle, Anthony, to feed some lambs during a visit home to Kilrooskey, Co Roscommon. \ Joseph Geoghegan

The race to get the last field of spring barley rolled, as rain sweeps up the Shannon estuary in Limerick. \ Donogh McCarthy