FRS Training has partnered with Irish farming influencer Sophie Bell to launch a female-only safe tractor driving course.

The course will provide a female-focused learning environment and cover off all the main elements of tractor driving, as well as the use of tractor attachments.

The initial pilot will run in Virginia, Co Cavan, on 20 April and, depending on its success, FRS hopes to expand the course to other locations around the country.

Participants in the course will be able to avail of both hands-on learning and classroom teaching.


Among the topics covered on the one-day course will be practical driving skills, safety checks before starting, setting up a good driving position, safe driving, hitching tractors to other implements, operating trailed machinery from a tractor and checking the terrain.

“This is a course that a lot of young women in the farming community have been looking for. Several of my followers raised the need for a training course like this.

"I think there are a lot of women who would like to learn how to safely use and manoeuvre tractors and attachments, but not everyone has access to proper training environments and the correct machinery. This course will address that, allowing women to learn among their peers, picking up knowledge and connections," Bell said.

Bell has said that she hopes it will go on to become a regular programme available around the country in the near future.

Having a female-focused training programme creates a constructive learning environment, according to group CEO of FRS Network Colin Donnery.

"While the initial pilot is due to run in Cavan in April, if we have sufficient interest, we will certainly be looking to bring the course all around the country soon,” Donnery added.

Further information on the course is available on FRS's website here.