Feed prices are set to remain steady for the month of May, according to feed mill and merchant reports.

While demand for feed on dairy farms is on the wind-down, as growth rates jump by 20kg to 30kg DM/ha around the country, prices are not expected to see another drop for a week or two. A 13% dairy nut is costing between €325/t and €360/t, including delivery. A 14% dairy nut is costing on average €320/t to €340/t.

These prices are dependent on mineral content, which may be added during breeding.

Some feed mills already dropped their prices by €10/t to €20/t in May and are represented on the lower end of the quoted prices.

Calf meal with 18% crude protein content is also costing in the region of €400/t.

“Feed was mad busy for the last while, but it’s after calming down now.

“There’s great growth after coming around here in the last week,” a north Tipperary-based sales rep told the Irish Farmers Journal.

Meanwhile, a 15% beef ration is costing, on average, €325/t and €340 in co-ops and merchants.