A case against Macra taken by a former employee has been thrown out at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

John MacCormack, who took the case, failed to turn up to the hearing.

The day before, MacCormack sent an email outlining that he had started a new job and would be unable to attend.

“I have just started a new post, it would not look good taking a day out to attend a WRC hearing, taking responsibility into consideration I wish to adjourn my hearing tomorrow,” the email said.

Complaint dismissed

WRC adjudication officer Brian Dalton subsequently terminated proceedings and dismissed the complaint.

“In the absence of the complainant giving oral evidence and failing to attend at the hearing, I am compelled to terminate the proceedings and dismiss the complaint as provided for under section 42 of the act.

“I determine that the complaint is not well founded,” he added.

Dalton said it was unreasonable to apply for an adjournment the day before the hearing, as several weeks’ notice of the hearing had been given.

“There are no exceptional reasons provided at this late date that would persuade this tribunal that an adjournment should be given,” he said.

Representatives of Macra were in attendance at the hearing.