When farmers all across Ireland and the UK hear the JALEX name, straight away they think of quality breeding females and all the benefits that come with breeding quality.

JALEX select sales have become quite the spectacle over the past number of years and this upcoming sale is set to be one of the biggest highlights of all.

Almost 300 head of quality breeding commercial cattle are set to go under the hammer on Saturday, 8 June, at the biggest on-farm sale ever staged by James Alexander and the team at Jalex Livestock.

Once again James Little will be in the rostrum for this flagship auction, which will see over 60 first-calving outfits, 140 in-calf heifers and a select offering of service age bulls and show potential maiden heifers go under the hammer.

This is a unique opportunity to hand-pick from beef-bred heifers with top notch calves at foot, many of which could hit the show circuit later this year and into next.

All of these calves are naturally born and are sired by top-performing Limousin bulls, such as The Grove Farm P381 and Corcamore Romeo, both of which carry two copies of the F94L profit gene.

For those wishing to purchase heifers to calve down in a batch the Jalex team have planned ahead, with 80 lots calving in September and 45 in October, in addition to smaller batches in July, August and November.

The sale takes place on Saturday, 8 June, at 1pm on farm at Gloverstown Road, Randalstown, BT41 3HY.