Price cuts of up to £25/t are being applied to livestock rations from 1 May, as local feed mills take delivery of grain and proteins purchased at lower costs earlier this spring.

Other rations which were competitively priced against spot markets throughout the winter period will see discounts of £15-20/t coming into effect.

The upper end of the price cuts mainly applies to high protein rations commonly used on dairy farms, whereas beef rations have a lower protein requirement and are more likely to see the £15 to £20/t discounts in place.

Once applied, dairy rations are likely to trade between £290 and £310/t for feeds at 18% to 19%, with those at 20% protein in the region of £310 to £320/t. Lower protein feeds to complement dairy cows on a grazing diet are trading well below £290/t. Pelleted rations are generally running £10/t above blended feeds.

With winter pricing contracts for farmers sourcing feed through purchasing groups ending on 1 May, there is an opportunity to bargain for the best possible deal as feed mills look to maintain tonnage through the summer period.

Beef rations

The reduction in concentrate prices leaves quotes for beef rations starting at around £260/t for finishing blends with a high barley and 40% maize content, rising to quotes of £275/t for higher spec finishing feeds.

General purpose beef rations at 16% protein are dropping to levels between £270 and £280/t, although several mills expect demand to slow with grazing underway.

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