The parliamentary constituency in NI with the highest number of farms is Fermanagh and south Tyrone.

Figures published by Agriculture Minister Andrew Muir shows that 4,171 farm businesses applied for the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) in the constituency in 2024.

West Tyrone has the second highest tally of farms, with 3,223 businesses applying for BPS this year.

After that, the Newry and Armagh constituency has 2,888 farms, mid-Ulster has 2,830 farms, south Down has 2,599 farms and there are 2,084 farm businesses in north Antrim.

The fewest number of farms are in west Belfast, where only 10 BPS applicants are located.

The figures, which were published in response to written question from west Tyrone MLA Declan McAleer, show that there is a considerable farming vote across rural constituencies in NI.

Farm budget

Information on total BPS payments in each constituency would suggest that pressing the next UK government for a meaningful farm support budget should be a priority for rural MPs after the general election.

Overall, BPS payments worth £297m were paid to NI farmers last year.

Payments totalled £49.1m in Fermanagh and south Tyrone and it stood at £44.7m in West Tyrone. North Antrim had the next highest BPS total of £30.2m.

Belfast North is the constituency in NI with the lowest BPS total of £167,422, although across the four constituencies in Belfast, BPS payments still totalled over £1.5m.