Beef and sheep advisers from CAFRE have organised a number of farm walks in the coming weeks, that aim to demonstrate good practice around grassland and livestock management. The walks will cover the management of grazed grass, clover swards, suckler cow fertility and the control of flock worm burdens. Each farm walk will start at 7:30pm. Farmers are invited to enrol for the events on the CAFRE website:

Sheep farm walks:

  • Wednesday 26 June – John Martin, 93 Newtownards Road, Greyabbey, BT22 2QJ.
  • Wednesday 3 July – William Egerton, 64 Dernavilt Road, Rosslea, BT92 7FP.
  • Monday 8 July – Clement Lynch, 42 Tireighter Road, Park, BT47 4BD.
  • Wednesday 10 July – Paraic McNeill, 20 Millvale Road, Annaclone, BT32 5AG.
  • Beef farm walks:

  • Monday 24 June – Bill Harpur, 7 Ballymagarry Road, Portrush, BT56 8NQ.
  • Wednesday 3 July – David Wright, 58 Dyan Road, Caledon, BT68 4XG.
  • Friday 5 July – Oliver McKenna, 12 Tulnafoile Road, Eskra.
  • Friday 19 July- Michael Griffith, 71 Old Belfast Road, Ballynahinch, BT24 7EY.