At a recent pre-Agritechnica field event in Austria, Pöttinger unveiled a number of product updates within its tillage and crop care equipment ranges.

One of these updates was the introduction of the Profiline comfort control system to its range of Terrasem Universal trailed seed drills.

The Profiline comfort control system is yet another evolution of the Terrasem's capabilities, providing the operator with total control of the drill right from their fingertips via the control terminal.

Although more suited for lower-specification tractors with less spool valves than the typical drilling tractor found on UK and Irish farms, the Profiline system essentially allows operators to control all drill functions with a reduced number of spool valves.

An onboard hydraulic block takes the responsibility away from the tractor's individual spools.

The addition of a hydraulic block mounted on the drill's frame takes the responsibility away from the tractor's individual spools and provides electro-hydraulic control of the drill's entire functions and movements via the control terminal or automatically by the task controller using section control and variable rate control.

Fan speed and coulter pressure are also controlled automatically.

A new seed distribution head allows sectional shut off in one metre increments instead of the previous half section shut off.

During operation, any of the drill's tools can be precisely adjusted at the touch of a button.

The lifting and lowering sequences can also be set, independent of section control. It is also possible to deactivate particular tools or set lift limits.

Using the task controller geo function and section control means that variable rate maps can be used to operate the machine and control stop-start headland functions.

In doing this, disc harrow working depth, coulter pressure and seed or fertiliser rates are automatically controlled on a site-specific basis.

A new seed distribution head has been added, allowing sectional shut-off per metre instead of half-width shut-off as before.