Kverneland has just introduced its new 85156 C, a 15.6m trailed tedder.

According to the manufacturer, it comes with an inventive ground-following system.

The new model features 14 small diameter rotors.

Kverneland says the small diameter rotor design provides a generous overlap between the rotors, giving an efficient pickup and turning of the crop, as well as equal distribution over the working width.

Kverneland’s latest solution to following the ground across the full working width is the new TerraFlow solution.

With its new solution for connecting the tedder unit and the carrier frame, it says the rotors are able to flex and adapt to ground contours independent of the carrier frame.

It adds that this means tine distance to the ground remains constant, providing clean and accurate work. The 85156 C is fitted with 380/55-17 tyres, while 500/50-17 are available as option.

All it requires to operate the 85156 C is a single-acting valve ram for raising and lowering the tedder and a double-acting valve ram for the folding action.

The 85156 C folds into a transport width below 3m. The border spreading swath board is hydraulically operated.