With a working width of up to 15.7m (51.5ft), Krone claims its new four-rotor rake is the largest in the world.

The new Swadro TC 1570 is centered around the proven V-frame concept adapted from the world's largest six-rotor rake, the Swadro TC 2000. It also takes proven features from the smaller TC 1370.

Using the new user interface, the machine can be operated from the tractor cab via an IsoBus-compatible terminal or in combination with an IsoBus joystick.

Adjustable working width

The working width of the four-rotor rake can be variably adjusted from 11m up to 15.7m via the front rotors guided by the V-outriggers.

The two V-outriggers can be retracted and extended independently of each other. The outriggers are each supported by a wheel in the front area for quieter operation, especially at higher speeds.

Hydraulically adjustable outrigger arms of the rear rotors mean that swaths can be produced from 1.4m to 2.9m wide.

In addition to the V-frame concept, integrated vibration damping helps the machine to run smoothly in the headland position.

A soft-down automatic lowering mechanism decelerates the outrigger arms just before the rotors touch down for a gentle landing, while minimising turning time at the headland.

Tine arms

Each rotor has 15 tine arms, each with four tines on the front and five tines on the rear rotors.

With electrical rotor height adjustment, the height of each rotor can be adjusted individually or all rotors can be adjusted simultaneously through the terminal to suit the conditions at hand.

The Swadro TC 1570 is equipped with a pendulum-suspended two-point hitch, designed to compensate on uneven ground.

Hydraulic rotor relief integrated in the lifting cylinders ensures optimum bearing pressure of the rotors. This can be set separately for the front and rear rotors through the terminal while on the move.

When adjusting working width or swath width, the relief pressure is automatically adjusted by an active control system.

Together with the gimbal rotor suspension pulled by the outrigger arm, the rotor adjusts to the ground contours, which Krone say prevents dirt from entering the crop.

Lifting heights

The lifting heights of the rotors can also be set through the terminal. At the headland, they only lift as far as is necessary so as not to catch existing swaths.

The lift delay of the rear rotors with respect to the front rotors can also be adjusted from the cab. You can choose between a time-dependent or path-dependent delay.

Lifting and lowering can be controlled automatically controlled by using Section Control, which uses GPS positioning. The main frame of the rake is hydraulically adjustable to allow for a transport height under 4m without the need to fold down the tine arms.

The rake also adopts the other well-known Krone raking features such as the maintenance free rotor gearbox, the Duramax cam-track and one-piece tine arm standard.