The Sprinter ST is a min-till tine drill that combines soil preparation, seeding and fertiliser application in one pass.

The Sprinter machines have been an important part of the Horsch product range for decades.

The German manufacturer has combined its longtime experiences in the area of tine seed drills with two new models – the Sprinter 6.25 SL and the Sprinter 12.25 SC.

The two models will premier at the Cereals show in the UK next month. The show is a well-known tillage event which takes place on 11 and 12 June 2024 at Hertfordshire.

New models

According to the manufacturer: “The reason for the development of the new Sprinter lines among others are the changing climate conditions which bring about longer dry periods. Thus, cultivation methods in some parts of the world change, too.

"In the regions concerned, it is an enormous challenge to keep water in the soil. The objective is to reduce tillage to a minimum, as every interference with the soil can stimulate aeration, warming and evaporation.

"To be able to sow without previous tillage you need a seed drill that perfectly works in high amounts of straw residues as well as in harder soils.”

The Sprinter SC is equipped with a 6 300l double hopper and will be available with a triple tank and additional MiniDrill options.

With seed-to-soil contact between grain and seed furrow in mind, the new Sprinters are equipped with a tine seed coulter with removing qualities.

Horsch says this technology creates a residue-free seed furrow and the seed is placed optimally. With the option of three different tine coulters, the farmer can additionally react to various conditions.

The new Sprinters have a high clearance due to the three-bar design. The tines with a spacing of 25cm have a release force of 180kg.

The depth of each tine is controlled by a press wheel for precise depth placement. Due to the hydraulic pre-tension, the tine is retracted for road transport to keep the transport width below 3m.

The Sprinter SC is equipped with a 6,300l double hopper and will be available with a triple tank and additional MiniDrill options.

The smaller Sprinter SL works optimally in combination with a Horsch Partner FT front tank.

In 2022, a prototype series of the Sprinter 6 SL and Sprinter 12 SC was tested in the field. Further field tests will be carried out this year. Both Sprinter models will be available as of 2024.