Redrock Machinery launched its new Root Crop Trailer range at the Lamma show.

The Armagh-based manufacturer says the new range is designed with value-for-money in mind, without sacrificing strength and durability.

It comes with three different monocoque body height options, including 4ft, 4ft 6in and 5ft, to suit any loading application.

Load carrying capacities are available in 18t (20ft length), 20t (22ft length) and 23t (25ft length) models.

It says the range is made for root crop growers, consisting of a lower-loading height and a larger front window, for greater visibility when loading.

It added that the trailer range also features a more root crop-friendly rib design, which reduces damage to produce during transport.

Fitted with a hydraulic up-and-over rear door, the range is also fitted with a hydraulic door latching system.

The trailers can also be fitted with an optional manual or hydraulic rollover cover. Three-foot silage sides can be added to the 4ft 6in and 5ft models only.