How and why did you start creating art?

I’ve been creative since secondary school as an inspiring teacher and nurturing environment fuelled my passion. This led me to pursue art at Limerick School of Art and Design specifically fine art painting. After graduating, I kept working, taking part in solo and group exhibitions and I also worked as a scenic artist, painting theatre sets to help support my own practice. I really enjoyed this time getting to work with other people and every job was different. My role as a full-time mom to my 3 kids slowed down my output over the years but now as they have grown and become more independent I’m excited to have time and energy to focus on my art career again.

A painting from 'heliotropic'

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I find inspiration mostly in nature, whatever is around me and catches my eye. I'm very drawn to bright colours and dramatic light and shade. Over the years, this has been a mix of landscape, seascape portraits and still lives. My new series 'heliotropic' draws its name from the phenomenon of plants turning towards the sunlight. The exhibition features a collection of detailed close-up portraits of flowers which I find fascinating for their visual impact in terms of shapes patterns texture and, of course, colours. They are taped against a neutral backdrop catching sunlight to create shadows and accentuate all of these qualities.

The tape serves a dual purpose in securing flowers but also introducing additional colour and texture. The metallic reflective qualities of the tape catch and reflect the light just as the flowers do, but their synthetic composition is in stark contrast to the organic forms of the flowers and I love the juxtaposition this creates. They are presented on custom-made wooden panels with disappearing bevelled edges. These are painted neon which creates a halo effect around each piece, giving them an ethereal quality as they appear to float and glow.

What has been your biggest creative achievement to date?

I would have to say my upcoming solo exhibition represents a monumental personal creative milestone. I organised the entire show independently. It has involved a full year of intensive painting and planning, ensuring every detail aligned with my vision. I sought out my own venue, had custom designed boards and invitations made, worked with carpenters, a photographer, a graphic designer and web designer, investing in their services and supporting fellow creatives. I'm so excited to be collaborating again with chocolatier Kasha from Hazel Mountain chocolate to create custom flower truffles for the exhibition. Her bespoke treats, inspired by the paintings will be on display for the opening night. I'm also incorporating a mindfulness yoga and art morning in the space working for the first time with my husband and meditation teacher Dermot Whelan. The money raised from this event will go to support Glass community Gardens. I feel very proud of myself for having the vision and stepping out of my comfort zone to make it all a reality!

Yellow rose painting from 'heliotropic'

What are your hopes for the future?

Well, I already have my next series in mind. I just want to keep the momentum going, keep planning and creating. I'd like to collaborate with other creatives. It's quite lonely painting on your own in the studio all day! I'd love to travel more, experience and be inspired by the light colours of other places.

Corrina's upcoming exhibition will take place from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 May at 10 Wicklow Street, Dublin. Her work can be found at

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